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The Playbook Genius

We are a collaboration of marketers, writers, social media experts, content creators, graphic designers, and other professionals who come together to create content, host events, and advocate for brands. The Playbook Genius is a diverse team of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities collaborating to create a creative and supportive community.


Digital Marketing 

Create digital marketing strategies that attract your target audience in a way that will retain their loyalty for years to come.


Reputation Management

A single negative review can ruin your day, but multiple bad reviews can destroy your business. Respond promptly to your customers’ comments to build a good rapport with them.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Using the right combination of practices, strategies, and technologies with CRM data over time can be a recipe for success.


Customer Retention

We enable your organization’s customer loyalty and brand loyalty for you to retain high-quality paying customers over the course of your business.


Customer Acquisition

The Genius Group offers a variety of solutions to attract, educate, and convert new customers. We will provide you with the knowledge and the technology to manage all of your organization’s customer and prospective customer relations.



We train youth and adults and provide and polish them with the skills needed for being sales agents, customer engagement, and digital agents.

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